Tom Dorrance DVDs & Books

FeelTiming&Balance(F)Feel, Timing & Balance
This DVD presents the work of Tom Dorrance and his unique approach that was founded on the belief that the human needs to think more and do less-to feel what the horse is.  This DVD is not a “How to” instructional guide; it is about trying to understand the essence of Tom Dorrance’s work.  How to apply his approach to horses in a way that will help the viewer work toward the “True Unity and willing communication between horse and human” at any level.

IMPORTANT VIEWER NOTE: Because certain segments of this DVD were recorded under crowd conditions at actual clinics, the sound and picture quality is impaired in a few places for short periods of time.  However, these sections have purposely been kept in this DVD because of their importance to continuity and content”

TrueUnityBook(F)LTrue Unity (book)
First published in 1987, Tom Dorrance’s book, True Unity, has become a classic to be read again and again.  True Unity introduces you to the idea of approaching the horse with a feeling of acceptance for the whole horse, which is how Tom sees and feels the horse.

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