#4900 Series

4900_reins-i#4900-7 and #4900-8  1” Flat Waxed Nylon Split Reins 
These reins are made from hollow braid waxed nylon rope that is rolled flat to produce a great feeling 1” rein.  They are soft and pliable, not too stiff from over waxing and the hollow braid construction prevents them from curling.  The 1” size fits well in most hands and they are weighted for proper balance.  These 1” x 7’ (#4900-7) or 1″ x 8′ (#4900-8) reins work great for snaffle bits.  They connect to the bit with ¾” wide 10/11 oz  leather water loops and have a doubled tear drop shaped 6/7 oz leather popper on the other end of the rein for weight.  All leather is edge dyed for a distinctive finish.  NOW AVAILABLE IN BLACK TOO!

Designed by Cowboys, Tested by Broncs