How To

  • How to Tie Your Rope Halter Properly,  
  • Attach your Lead Rope,
  • Example of Mecate Attachment to Slobber Straps
How to Tie your Halter


  • To Tie Halter: Pass end of rope through rope eye from behind, loop over top of right side of eye, wrap behind, bring over top of left side of eye, then pass under doubled rope and over loop eye.


  • To Adjust the Noseband: Noseband ropes connect to lead rope loops after passing through the fiador knot. Relieve pressure on fiador knot by grasping above and below knot and pushing together. For a larger nose move rope from lead rope loops through fiador knot to noseband.


 Proper Lead Rope Attachment 
  • Spun Nylon Lead (Permanently Attached)
    (Must be ordered this way) Available in 9/16” or 5/8”


  • Spun Nylon Lead (Removable) Available in 9/16” or 5/8”


  •  8210 or 8212 Solid Poly Lead


  • 7510 or 7512 Brannaman Lead

 How to attach a mecate to slobber straps


Selecting the Right Halter For You
This table give general information on the rope size, feel, and general purpose

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