Bulk Rope

3 strand twist closeup 213-Strand Twist Spun Nylon 
This product has the fuzzy feel of cotton is non-absorbent and has the strength and durability of nylon.  Available in 9/16″ and 5/8″ diameters.  Available in White.

58hollow braid closeup21Hollow Braid Spun Nylon
This hollow braid rope is very soft and strong.  Available in 5/8″ diameter.  Available in White.

lariat2Aged Nylon Lariat
Our aged nylon lariat rope bears a distinct resemblance to the rawhide riata in terms of life and pliability, but has the strength of nylon.  This is an excellent rope for use with horses or in the branding corral.  Our aged nylon is available in two sizes and various lays:
5/16″ soft, xsoft, xxsoft, xxx-ultra soft
3/8″sc soft , xsoft, xxsoft, xxx-ultra soft

Poly/Nylon Lariat
5/16″     x-soft
3/8″sc    x-soft

Parachute Cord
This is a premier parachute cord with a 32-strand cover and poly core.  Great for braiding. Available in color series #900. Available in 1000′ spools.

Military  Parachute Cord
Military type #550 parachute cord has a 32 strand nylon cover and a core consisting of twisted nylon strands for extra strength. Great for braiding, this is made the same as military specification parachute cord, but without the expense of certification. Available in color series #900. This cord comes in 1000′ spools. (Not for use with parachutes)

This rope is a polyester and polypropylene blend that is stiffer than spun nylon.  It is a favorite with outfitters for pack ropes. Available in 3/8″ and 1/2″ diameters. Available in White with an Orange tracer.

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