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We are proud to offer the finest handmade rope halters and horse tack. Built by cowboys, tested by broncs. We are a wholesale only company, but please browse our online catalog and find a retailer near you, or buy online!

Composite Horsemanship Flags
- Horsemanship Flags have been used for years by top horsemen such as Tom Dorrance, Buck Brannaman and Ray Hunt. Double Diamond Halter Co. is proud to offer a horsemanship flag used and endorsed by  Buck Brannaman. The shaft is composed of a premium composite fiberglass with a multi-layer epoxy coating.  It is highly durable, weather resistant and is incredibly lightweight and well balanced.  At 44 the shaft is long enough to expose your horse to the movement and feel of the flag from a safe distance.  The flag material is composed of rip-stop nylon  secured to the shaft with a reinforced grommet  or button hole and measures  18 x 18".  New golf-club  style rubber handle. 


  Order Composite Shaft Horse Flags Online

Store Name Styles
Animal Health Express  Composite Horse Flag
Bitterroot Saddle Company Composite Horse Flag
Bit N Spur Composite Horse Flag


Kelly Green
Royal Blue
Bright Orange
Sea Foam

Apple Green


 Stainless steel shaft with grooved plastic handle horse flag

Shaft is composed of stainless steel and is 45 long. Handle is composed of grooved composite plastic.  The flag material is made of rip-stop nylon  secured to the shaft with a reinforced grommet and measures  18  x 18.  See above for for available flag nylon colors.

Order Stainless Steel Shaft Horse Flags Online
Store Name Styles
Bit N Spur Stainless Horse Flag
Bitterroot Saddle Company Stainless Horse Flag



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